Val Lambros m.d., f.a.c.s.

cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Dr. Lambros Retiring

To my Patients and Friends,

It is with decidedly mixed emotions that I inform you that I am retiring at the end of June 2021.

I will continue to do facial surgery until the end of April and continue to see patients for noninvasive treatments until the end of June.

I am referring all my patients to the care of Rob Kessler MD who will have all my patient records. He is a talented plastic surgeon and lovely person. He does body and face procedures and knows my filler techniques. In addition to being a skilled surgical craftsman, he is honest and will not overdo patients or talk them into procedures that they don’t need. A rare combination in this town.

I consider myself blessed in my career: I have been a contributor to the field of plastic surgery with many published articles and book chapters; I have been a speaker on podiums around the world cheap adipex. I have always done my best as a physician and tried to do the right thing even if that means not doing what the patient wanted.

The hardest part of this decision is saying goodbye to my patients. Over the last 40 years, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with an extraordinary group of human beings that I would never have had the occasion to meet otherwise. Many have become friends; many whose presence lights up my day when I see them; many who have sent me their spouses, parents, children and friends to treat…. the highest compliment and responsibility of all.

I will miss all of you enormously.

Val Lambros MD