Val Lambros m.d., f.a.c.s.

cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

A revolution in understanding the face

Dr. Val Lambros is an internationally known plastic surgeon whose interest has been the understanding and treatment of the human face, especially as it ages. Treating the aging face requires a knowledge of how the face actually ages; one does not want their face worked on by someone who paints by numbers.

Conventional explanations of the mechanics of facial aging have been confused and rarely supported by evidence, which has led Dr. Lambros to study the aging of the face in a way that no one before him has done. Through this research, he has published and presented groundbreaking studies that are finally beginning to unravel the mysteries of facial aging and its treatment, and challenge old ideas about the face. Some of this research is demonstrated in the Facial Aging part of this website.

This animation shows the composite of the facial shape of 116 Caucasian women ages 20-30 morphing into the composite of 100 Caucasian women aged 68 and up. Groundbeaking imaging like this can be seens in more detail in the Facial Aging section of this site.