Val Lambros m.d., f.a.c.s.

cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

About Dr. Lambros

Dr. Lambros has been a contributor and thought-innovator in plastic surgery for decades. He was one of the first proponents of the use of volume in the face, which is now practiced worldwide. He is an accomplished photographer, and credits the study of light and shadows to his ability to truly and accurately read the face.

Personally, Dr. Lambros is warm, listens to people carefully, and goes to great lengths to achieve goals in the most simple and direct way. The face tells the us what to do, and a good eye and experience directs how it should be done. Sometimes this is simple, sometimes more is required. What makes the most anatomic and aesthetic sense for each individual face is what he will recommend. For many people, he will suggest doing nothing, or make suggestions of minor treatments if they don’t need surgery. These are characteristics hard to find in Newport Beach.

Because of his success in his practice, and his numerous published studies on aging and topics important to his trade, Dr. Lambros maintains a large presence in the cosmetic surgery industry. He speaks at almost every national plastic surgery meeting in the United States on a yearly basis and at numerous regional meetings.

He has spoken at plastic surgery meetings in Australia, France, Mexico, Israel and Switzerland in the past few years, and will be doing the same in Stockholm and St Petersburg next year.

You can see an abbreviated list of Dr. Lambros's recent speaking engagements and presentations. Additionally, he has published several influential papers, some of which are also included here.

Dr Lambros and his wife live in Laguna Beach.

New and upcoming

> Dr. Lambros will be at the National Meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgery in Chicago Sept., 2018. He will be discussing the use of fat in the face. Additionally, he will be giving a special presentation on the potentially huge misleading effect of photography as presented by clinicians and industry.


> The definitive journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery recently published Dr. Lambros's most recent article, which is the first published work describing facial averaging as a tool to understand the mechanics of facial aging. Check it out here.