Val Lambros m.d., f.a.c.s.

cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Facial Surgeries

Here you will see some patients on whom I have done various facial treatments. All have had surgery or surgeries. Many of them have additionally had volume changes in the face.

I'm sorry that I have to cover up the eyes of some of these patients. Some of them didn’t want their entire face shown in a public forum. I am grateful for the support that they have given me.

The longer one is in practice, the older the patients get. Most of my patients are older with more difficult skin. If you can get good results in this group, and not make people look done in, you can do anyone — younger patients with good skin are much easier.

You can visit Facelift Confidential for more on my philosophy of facial surgery, and What to Expect for more information on my patient process.

This is a 54-year-old woman in phenomenal shape with no body fat. We did a facelift. She looks better, without looking "operated." She just looks better.

The best results come from the patients who look the best and need surgery the least. Look at this lovely woman before and after a facelift. No "real housewives" here.

This is a 64-year-old female who had a facelift and fat injections. She has also had some maintenance fillers. Look at the far cheek in the picture with the quarter profile. If I had not done the fat grafting she would look flat and hollow. This is a small amount, a few teaspoons on each side, but contributes hugely to the overall soft look she now has.

A beautiful 55-year-old woman who had a face- and necklift, and a small fat injection. Note that she had had a jaw operation when she was younger and was left with a notch in the jawbone. I put in a few teaspoons (10 cc's) of fat in her cheeks and filled in the notch in her jawline with another teaspoon. She is seen about 6 months afterwards.

She is in her 60’s and is shown about 5 months after a face- and necklift, with fat grafting in her cheeks and posterior jawline. Surgery doesn't change skin quality, it just redistributes what you have, which can make a big difference as long as you don’t expect to get 20-year-old skin after surgery. She doesn't look "facelift-y."

This gentleman is 61 years old. He had a face- and necklift. A large amount of fat was removed from his neck and the muscles tightened. Better, no?

This is a 63-year-old male who had a chin implant and a facelift. Men can look very odd after facelifts, especially if too much is done around the eyes. He looks unoperated and natural.

This patient is 72 years old. She had a face and necklift and a small chin implant.

This woman has seen some sunlight in her life and has difficult skin. She had a face and necklift, fat injection in her cheeks and jawline, a light perioral dermabrasion and maintenance fillers. You have to work with the material that you have, we both think she has a lovely improvement.

This 70-year-old patient had a face- and necklift. Here she is at 8 months. She had a large amount of fat removed, and the muscle tightened. You wouldn’t think that fat grafting would be useful in a full face like this, but the definition of the cheekbones and jawline is from injected fat.

This 56-year-old patient is seen at a year after face- and necklift, and small fat grafting. She is happy with the results. Me too.

She is 5 months after a face- and necklift, and fat grafting. The first picture was taken on film and the second digitally, and she’s wearing makeup, which explains the difference in the image quality. Nonetheless she looks hugely improved.

This patient had a facelift, fat grafting, and a small chin implant. Seen about 8 months after the operation.

A 58-year-old male after a face- and necklift. He looks thinner and more in shape, but not at all strange and "facelift-y." These are the desired effects of cosmetic surgery.

Here's a woman in her 50’s about 18 months out from a facelift and small fat injection along the jawline. This is the goal of cosmetic surgery: to look better while still looking natural. Note how the jawline was improved and made more defined with the use of injected fat.

These two patients had dermabrasion around the mouth with facelifts. There are three ways of making wrinkles better: deep peels, laser and dermabrasion. In my experience, dermabrasion works the best and hast the least side-effect of lightening the skin. The patients above show that there is a modest lightening of the skin and improvement of the wrinkles. The two go together and can’t be avoided. No method removes ALL the wrinkles. Better, not perfect.

A face- and neck lift with eyelid surgery in a 60-year-old woman.

This 62-year-old patient is shown a month after surgery. She went back to social activities in 2 weeks.

A 46-year-old woman after face- and necklift surgery, and small fat grafting.

This 75-year-old woman has very sun-damaged skin. She had a face- and necklift, fat grafting, and dermabrasion around the mouth. She has had some maintenance fillers. She is seen at 5 months out. This is about as good as I can make difficult skin like this. She does not look pulled or unnatural. The pre-op pictures were done on film which makes gives them a little more contrast, and she is wearing makeup in the post op pictures.

This 61-year-old male had a face- and necklift, with liposuction of the jowls, and a medium chin implant.

Both of these patients had small chin implants. A small change here makes a big difference in the totality of the face.

Both of these patients had a necklift. It’s the back half of a facelift, from the earlobes, up the back of the ears and at the hairline, done under local anesthesia with sedation. Patients are asleep but with no tube in their throat.

Here’s a man in his 60’s who had a necklift and a chin implant.

This 59-year-old patient just had a little liposuction of the jowls. This is done under local anesthetic in an exam chair with a syringe, not a suction machine. There is no downtime, and in the right face can make a huge difference. It is very easy for the patient.

A great alternative for older men who have excess neck skin is to remove the skin directly down the center of the neck. This works much more efficiently than a necklift or facelift since the excess is removed where the excess is, rather than trying to pull it from a distance. The scar is usually pretty tolerable. Many men of this age like this approach because it avoids all the facelift silliness which they don’t want to deal with.

This 55-year-old patient had a face- and necklift, small fat injection of the cheeks and jawline, and a small chin implant. She looks marvelous, and not in the least bit unnatural.

This patient had a face- and necklift, and a small fat injection. She is very happy with how she looks.

This 59-year-old woman had a face- and necklift, and fat injections to the cheeks, jawline, and upper lids and brow. She and I are both very happy with the result, which looks both younger and not surgical.

This 50-year-old patient had a face- and necklift, with fat grafting and a small chin implant. Remarkable transformations like this are a result of careful and thoughtful surgery, along with having the right materials to work with. She had fat grafted into her cheeks and along the jawline. Can you see the effect of strengthening the jawline?